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Remember how good that courtyard, BBQ area, pool surrounds or driveway looked when it was first finished? Well we can bring it back to life, making it  almost look like it was only finished yesterday.


Don't let inexperienced or unprofessional operators ruin your property by using too much pressure or incorrect nozzles on delicate serfaces like sandstone etc. There's a lot of small, uninsured, backyard operators, who are simply not putting the clients needs first. The clients needs are generally easy,  "Clean my dirty surface without damaging it".

We use the lowest amount of pressure needed to clean the particular surface, this ensures that the particular surface being cleaned does not get damaged. So if we are cleaning sandstone, we use a much lower pressure than if we're cleaning lichen off a tin roof. We match the pressure required to do the job, with the surface and then the particular stains on it. This ensures we get the best possible result every time.


Here at Jet Works, we take immense pride in transforming our customers property back to near new condition, no matter how unkind mother nature has been to it.

We're a fully registered company (ABN & ACN numbers) with full insurance to cover any and all work we do.

We have invested in specialist commercial grade equipment for driveway cleaning to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. The equipment provides a high pressure clean, virtually eliminating the use of any harsh chemicals.

We take photos before, during and after to document the entire job to ensure we meet our clients high standards.

We are so confident that you will love our work, we offer a FREE Demo service at your property so you can see what a difference it will make for you.


Call now to see why we get so much referral business from people who have already used our services.


We service all suburbs in Brisbane.

100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Quality guaranteed with outstanding results!
  • If you cannot see any difference after we have finished, then you won't have to pay! It's that simple!
  • We are a family  owned business who decided to get into this industry  after discovering so many backyard operators
        in it using small hardware quality  machines trying to pass themselves off as high quality.
  • We use the latest state of the art industrial high pressure machines. We have both cold water and large hot water machines with most being truck mounted with one mobile unit for hard to get to jobs.
  • We take before, after and during pictures on each job, to ensure satisfaction from our customers!

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