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Let Jet Works totally transform your roof


  • Increase the life of your roof 

  • Roof Cleaning removes dirty mould & lichen growth 

  • No harsh chemicals or bleaches used

  • Biodegradable Anti Mould treatments available to keep it looking good for years!

  • Full height safety accreditation


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TIN ROOF - Zincalume & colourbond

  • Tin is incredibly popular her in Brisbane, mainly due to the popularity of the traditional Queenslander style of homes, as well as colourbond now being used widely in modern homes as well.

  • Metal roofs especially lighter coloured ones can really show up mould and lichen growth if left alone to grow on your roof.

  • The problem with heavy lichen and mould build up on your roof is that they can tend to hold moisture, well after the rain has gone. The biggest problem is that can then lead to rust and corrosion setting in in those locations.

  • The other problem is lichen, they can tend to suck the colour out of colourbond, so once removed, you can sometimes still see a faint outline of where the lichen once was.

  • If lichen is not removed by roof cleaning and left there for many years, it will actually damage the zincalume or colourbond which is the start of other problems like rust.


  • This incorporates both modern cement tiles as well as the more delicate terracotta tiles.

  • It may be the rougher surface of the tiles, but tiles tend to develope a heavier build up of growth over time than tin. I assume the rougher, nature and slightly more porous nature allow the moisture to stay around for longer, therfore promoting the growth.

  • So generally you tend to see a much more significant difference once a tiled roof has been cleaned. This could be that a darker tiled roof will hide the growth much better than a lighter coloured tin roof. So tiled roof may go longer before it gets cleaned, but then the difference is just plain amazing.

  • Lichen and mould on a tiled roof doesn't do the damage they do on tin roof with rust etc, but they can start a unique problem where the mould starts growing into the tile cracks and joints, and then sometimes in really damp conditions, starts growing into the roof cavity.


  • After we have cleaned your roof, and it now looks stunning, you don't want the mould coming back in the near future

  • We can apply a clear biodegradable ANTI MOULD solution to your roof to stop the regrowth of mould on the roof for up to two years.

  • The reason this product works so well on a roof is because it gets no wear and tear like a path or driveway gets.

  • It would still work on a driveways, courtyards and paths, but it just doesn't last as long as the clear coating wears off due to car and foot traffic wearing it away.

  • After 18 months - 2 years, as long as there is no regrowth or the roof is too dirty from bird droppings etc, then we can simply recoat again without having to pressure wash again.

  • This doesn't change the look of the roof, just simply stops the mould from regrowing.

  • Ask us if this remarkable product would be beneficial for your property


  • Nobody normally talks about these, but we believe in an open book with our clients.

  • The biggest risk is for falls from a wet slippery roof.

  • We have full height safety acreditation and full safety equipment to prevent this from occuring.

  • We have both personal and property insurance cover

  • The other very small risk is water ingress. Because it's not our home and we didn't build the home, we can't tell if there are spots on your roof that tend to leak regularly, or where a roofer cut the roof sheet short so there isn't much overlap in a valley to stop water getting inside the roof. So because of all this we need to know of any spots that water has leaked in the past. This way we can be better prepared and more careful in those areas. This will be the same issue for any operator working on your roof with pressure.

  • Pressure cleaning a roof is the safest way to clean the roof, but to an inexperienced operator, it can also cause so many problems as well. Like to much pressure on a ridge capping can pull all the mortar out.  So make sure you go with an experienced operator

  • We treat every home as if it's our own and give the utmost care and attension to detail whilst cleaning. 

  • Because of years of experience pressure cleaning, we know what to look out for and the common spots leaks will generally occur. So water ingress is limited as much as possible. So this is why we ask so many questions about your roof before we start the job, not just rush in and blast away and hope for the best.

Roof Cleaning Brisbane.....The Results Speak for Themselves.

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