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Jet Works will totally transform your concrete driveway or other hard surfaces


  • Increase the street appeal 

  • Remove damp slippery mouldy surfaces

  • We can also remove most problem stains 

  • Once cleaned, we can also seal the driveway to ensure it stays looking clean for years.

  • Using state of the art HOT WATER  pressure washers lets us achieve the best results possible.

  • 5 - 5000sqm, we clean all size driveways and carparks




  • This has been one of the most common finishes in concrete driveways for many years now, many because it is very economical to construct.

  • Black mould on this type of concrete driveway can become very slippery when wet due to the smooth finish as well as very obvious to the eye compared to other types of driveways.

  • The main benefit to having this type of concrete driveway, is that it is very noticeable once the concrete driveway cleaning has been done, due to all the black mould and stains now no longer on there, giving it a much brighter appearance


  • Exposed aggregate concrete driveways look fantastic when new......but after many years of mould and dirt build up in the gaps between the stones, they can start to look really tired.

  • Good new is that these will come up looking fantastic once the driveway cleaning has been done. Removing all the black gunge in between all the stones , as well as cleaning the tops of all the coloured stones in the concrete, this type of driveway looks almost like a new driveway was poured when finished.

  • Best advice for you with an exposed aggregate driveway is to think about getting it sealed after it has been cleaned. This way is helps keep the mould at bay and it looks fantastic by really making your driveway a feature with all the  colour of the glistening stones.

  • You will notice an astonishing difference once your driveway is sealed as it not only looks good, it is easier to keep clean.


  • This is a great looking decorative design for the driveway giving a very modern finish to the home.

  • This finish can tend to show the mould growth easily depending on the colour chosen. Obviously the lighter the colour the easier a black mould will stand out on it compared to a dark grey colour.

  • The benefit to this type of driveway cleaning is that is really comes back to life with colour after it's been cleaned as long as the stencil crete is in good condition still. 

DRIVEWAY CLEANING .....and most hard surfaces
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  • Driveways are like cars.......they need to be cleaned from time to time, but wow they look good after the concrete clean and you always wonder why you left it so long in between cleaning. We get busy with life, it just happens.

  • Dirty driveways covered in mould are extremely dangerous when wet due to how slippery they become. This can be slippery for both people and cars, especially if they're on a slope.

  • Take pride in your home, after all, it's yours so be proud of it.

  • Concrete driveway cleaning costs start from just $99.

  • Brightens the front of your home by replacing that dirty black driveway with a freshly steam cleaned driveway. 

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