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"We use only the best specialist equipment  and sealers..............
                           To ensure you get the best, long lasting results everytime! 
Surface preparation is key, so we use HOT Water pressure cleaners for a deeper                                                               clean ....everytime!
Driveway sealing Brisbane Samford


  • Protects from oil and acid spills 

  • It looks amazing and adds massive street appeal.

  • Will drastically slow mould regrowth compared to unsealed concrete.

  • Keeps moisture out of the concrete which greatly reduces the chance of the steel reinforcing inside the concrete from starting to rust and bleed through onto the concrete surface forming unsightly rust marks. 

  • Protects the concrete from UV and oxidization which leads to early breakdown. 

  • Much easier to keep cleaned once the driveway has been sealed.

  • One of the cheapest property improvements, yet arguably one of the larger cosmetic changes you can have done for your money.



  • Use steaming hot water to give the deepest high pressure clean. Any driveway sealing will only ever be as good as the driveway clean prior to sealing. If you don't get a really deep clean then this will show when the driveway is sealed, because that's what sealers do.......they highlight the features of a driveway! So if there are some stains or uneven cleaning, then it will simply highlight these.

  • Use only high quality sealers. The cheaper ones tend to go yellow under the harsh UV light from the sun. 

  • You need to apply multiple coats of sealer to get a deep lustre.

  • Make sure you select the correct sealer for your type of driveway.

  • Don't trap any moisture inside the concret when sealing your driveway


Use our expertise and let us do the hard work for you!
Driveway sealing Brisbane


  • This is the most common type of driveway sealers due to it's relatively low cost but mainly due to it's ability to enhance the colours and features of the driveway.

  • This type of driveway sealer is available in either a Gloss or Matt finish. The major difference between them is that the Gloss just leaves a wet look shine on the driveway. It really brings the colours out and then adds the sparkle with the Gloss sealer finish. Where the Matt sealer finish just brings out the colours in the driveway and leaves the driveway with a nice satin type of look, without all the sparkle.

  • Topical sealer basically means that the driveway sealer is applied directly over the top of the concrete and forms a barrier that is generally impervious to most oils and acids. So as long as they are cleaned up quickly there will be no stain left behind.

  • Not only will this type of driveway sealing make your driveway look awesome, it will keep it clean for the life of the product by stopping things getting down into the concrete that may cause a stain to develope.

  • Topical driveway sealing is best applied by a roller or broom as it allows better adhesion to the existing surface below it, ensuring no delamination in the future.

  • This type of driveway sealer is by far the most popular choice for residential driveways as it greatly enhanses the look of the driveway.

Driveway sealing Brisbane 2015


  • The penetrating driveway sealers do just as the name suggests, they penetrate down into the concrete and protect from within. So they soak down inside the concrete leaving the surface to feel the same as it did before the sealer was applied.

  • Penetrating driveway sealers generally don't have any enhancing properties for the driveway, they just stop stains from soaking down inside the concrete.

  • NEW in 2016 - Penetrating sealers that offer enhancing features. So you can now seal your driveway with a penetrating sealer that still enhances the look of the stones etc without changing the feel or grip levels of the surface.  It doesn't offer any shine, just an enhancement of the stones and concrete.

  • Penetrating driveway sealers are generally best applied by low pressure sprayers and then broomed in wet.

  • You will need to avoid pooling with penetrating sealers otherwise you can have issues with a consistant looking finish.

  • This type of sealer is by far the most popular for body corporate work, or commerial sealing where slip minimization is very important. For example, public walkways, paths, malls, public BBQ areas and common areas in body corporate complexes.

Driveway sealing Brisbane Carindale
Driveway sealing Brisbane Stetton


  • This is the choice when your driveway is tired and needs a modern facelift.

  • Colour sealers are just that....they're sealers not paint. So they have all the strengths of a normal high quality sealer, except we now add specially designed colours into the sealers to produce a very modern long lasting appearance.

  • Oil and acid resistant and fantastic UV resistance, these colour sealers leave the competition wondering how they work so well.

  • Colour range available to suit most homes.

  • Colour driveway sealing can be finished in either gloss or Matt finishes

  • When having driveway sealing done, the crutial part of the process is that we extensively clean the driveway by high pressure steam cleaning......because the finish is only ever as good as the initial preparation of the surface.

  • We apply two coats of colour sealer by roller to ensure a nice deep penetration into the concrete to give the coloured sealer the best adhesion possible.

  • Call us and we can drop by and see if your existing driveway will be suitable to be sealed with a colour sealer.

  • Plain concrete will look amazing once colour sealed by Jet Works......and for not much more than the cost of normal driveway sealing here in Brisbane.


  • We use specialist hot water  pressure cleaning machines. 

  • We use only the highest quality Australian made sealers that don't yellow under UV.

  • We have years of experience in cleaning and sealing.

  • We do what we say

  • We don't use any subcontracters - Person who quotes does the work. 

  • We don't take short our reputation.

  • We adhere to the highest standards for both safety and when working.

  • Family run business and our reputation for quality work is everything to us.

"Jet Works will totally transform your driveway"
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