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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are we a registered company?

Yes we are an Australian family owned company with both ABN and ACN.


Do we have insurance to cover any damage caused while we are on site?

Yes we have 10 million dollar public liability cover. Can provide policy number if requested.


What is the difference between our professional equipment and a hardware purchased electric pressure cleaner?

Pressure outputs on hardware units are around 1200 - 1600 psi and only around 5 litres of water flow per minute. Professional grade equipment like ours run large powerful petrol motors which will put out a minimum of 3000psi and up to nearly 5000psi and flows up to 34 litres of water per minute ensuring the job gets done quickly. Flow equals speed, the lower the flow the slower the job. This makes all the difference and makes it much easier to lift and remove the dirt and mould etc.  PSI from a machine is only a small part of the formula needed to make a powerful prssure cleaner. Water flow is critical, and as a general guide you will want to see well above 15 litres per minute of water flow. This is what really helps lift the embedded dirt off the surface. To give you analogy, it is like being hit by someone whose arm weighed the same as a mars bar, versus someones arm that weighed 10kg. There is so much more energy behind the heavy arm due to the momentum and the energy required to move the heavier arm at such speed. So basically  a professional machine is very similar in that it's much more powerful so it can move more volume in water, which when it hits the surface, has so much more energy behind it, so it cleans very easily.


Will there be a difference between the finish I get from my hardware pressure cleaner to your professional unit?

Absolutely!  Zebra striping lines will be left on the large areas from an underpowered hardware unit.  This is due to the edges of the fan of water not cleaning as effeciently as the centre on the hardware units due to lower pressure at the outer edges of the spray pattern. We also use a large 20" and 30" rotary head cleaner  from America for driveway cleaning that eliminates Zebra striping.


Why clean it, won't it just get dirty again?

Do you wash your car? Yes and does it get dirty again yes! Then why do you keep washing the car. Because you know you will prolong the finish on the car by keeping it clean and because you take pride in your car. Looking after assets keeps their value higher. If you never washed your car and went to sell it, the price difference you would get for it compared to someone that washed their car every few weeks would be massive.


What hours do we work?

We work around the clock. So if you have a job that needs to be done at a particular hour, we should be able to work in with those times in most cases. Generally Monday to Saturday hours though.


Do I need to be home when you are here to clean?

No as long as we have clear access to taps and the area we need to clean for you.


Do we use harsh chemicals to clean?

No,  if there is a heavy build up of motor vehicle oil, we then use a heavy duty biodegradeable solution combined with extremely hot water to remove the residue. Some stains like rust require specific solutions to remove them as pressure alone will generally  have no effect on them.


Will the pressure cleaning damage the area you want us to clean?

We look at the area closely prior to commencing work, and if we have any concerns about the stuctural integrity of the surface we are going to clean, we will come and talk with you before we commence the job. There are certain surfaces that require a much lower pressure, and we will identify this at the time of quoting. If the surface is not suitable for high pressure cleaning, we will let you know at time of quoting and talk to you about your possible options.

We're experienced and know what pressures will work on what surfaces. It's also our experience with knowing how close we can get to the surface being cleaned, so as not to cause  any damage.  Because in the wrong hands, these professional cleaning units can easily cause damage. So never use a backyard operator with no insurance.


Can we remove old oil stains on driveways?

In most cases we can remove most of the embedded oil with the help of solvents to lift the oil to surface. Once on the surface, much like a degreaser , the oil gets broken down for easy removal. The downside with old oil in concrete is that it is not just the oil that seeps down into the concrete with the oil. It will carry down the impurities that are inside the oil like carbon, diesel soot and a heap of other nasties. Oil is a honey colour generally when new and clean, but after working hard in your engine, gets dirtied by mixing with all the impurities inside your engine. So to completely remove all traces of oil stains is virtually impossible on old stains. The stains will certainly be nowhere near as obvious as they one were.


Do we bring our own water?

Generally we use your water by simply hooking up directly to your garden tap.  We have a 60m hose to connect  between the trailer to your tap. We can bring water  (upto 500L) for small jobs , but a water cartage rate of $40 will apply.


Will it scare my pets?

The machine is located in the trailer on the street, so not much noise going directly into the house. All animals will need to be kept away from the high pressure water due to the injuries they could sustain if they thought it would be fun to chase and run through!


I have a clear sealed driveway, will it lift the coating?

Possibly, so we need to be made aware if it has an old coating applied to it so we can closely inspect and test a small section  to see what condition the coating is in if nessessary. We thoroughly inspect any surface before commencing any driveway cleaning. We can also reseal the surface to bring it back to looking new again. This really adds a lot of street appeal if you intend to sell your house or get it revalued. A smal cost for the added value you can achieve from the increased street appeal.


Will is damaged coloured or stenciled concrete?

As long as the coating is structurally sound then it will be fine. Again if we have any concerns we will raise them with you and test a small section. If it's just a painted driveway  instead of having the colour added to the concrete before pouring, then highly likely it can't be cleaned with high pressure without stripping the paint.


Will it cause my roof to leak when being cleaned.

No as long as there is no underlying problems. There is not a huge volume of water coming out of the pressure unit and we never  stay in one spot for more than a few seconds.  We will not be responsible for any roof leaks as it is impossible for us to tell if there is any underlying damage on a dirty roof.  That being said, we will be constantly searching for any damaged sections as we clean, but is extremly hard to detect unless it is a major problem like a tile cracked, but you generally would have already had roof leaking problems anyway. Please inform us of any leaks you get when it rains as well. We could inspect if we know where to look and possibly even fix for you for minimal cost.


Do we seal driveways as well?

Yes we can, simply ask us to supply a quote for that as well. This can't be done the same day as we need to let the concrete dry before we apply the sealer.  We will have to come back to complete as we need to clean the driveway first, then come back in the next few days after is it dry to apply the coating by roller. We don't spray, so there is no concern of overspray onto other items.

Concrete pressure cleaning and then sealing is probably the cheapest and most noticeable ways to increase street appeal for most homes.

We clean and seal driveways all over Brisbane.









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