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"We use only the best specialist hot water high pressure cleaning equipment  to get rid of built up rubber,  concrete dust, dirt and spot treat oil stains to bring your car park back to life.
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  • Use steaming hot water to give the deepest high pressure clean.  Using steaming hot water reduces the amount of chemicals needed if cold water was used. This is a bonus for the environment and local waterways.

  • All our Hot Water is generated on board our truck.

  • Pre treat  heavy oil stains with an industrial degreaser, which then gives the best outcome possible when the boiling hot water hits it.

  • A quality high volume rinse to ensure all the dirt and muck are rinsed off leaving the concrete sqeeky clean. Smaller underpowered machines can struggle to rinse effectively.

  • We can clean large carparks quickly and efficiently insuring minimal down time for the car park.

  • We can work across weekends if needed to cause as little disruption as possible.


Ask us for a free'll be surprised how cost effective it is.


  • Removes built up rubber and concrete dust which builds up quickly in busy underground car parks and stops dust being walked into buildings or building up on cars!

  • Lowers the slip hazzards on ramps and off camber car parks, caused from built up rubber dust, which can be extremely slippery, especially towards the edges where the dust tends to accumulate.

  • Removes black tyre skid marks.

  • It removes chewing gum, food and drink spills which also then will lower cochroaches and vermin by removing their food source.

  • Removes built up air born dust which tends to coat vehicles and settle on the ground, and then gets stirred up when other cars drive by.

  • By keeping a clean car park, the tennants who park the cars there, will be happier with the fewer times they will be rinsing any dust off their cars.

  • Remove and reduce unsightly oil stains.

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"Jet Works will clean up your carpark"

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