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Concrete Driveway Cleaning and Sealing in Brisbane

Driveway cleaning and sealing is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home here in Brisbane.

While a high quality pressure clean is great and removes all the muck that has built up on the driveway for years, the real difference comes with the sealing. With the driveway sealing you can really make the driveway look almost new again.

Depending on the driveway, exposed aggregate and stenciled driveways can come up looking simply amazing with the level of shine bouncing off all the different angles of the exposed aggregate on the driveway surface.

The most important process is the cleaning of the driveway. All oils, grease, rust and other stains need to be removed prior to any sealing happening.

So first job is to do a thorough clean to remove the years of built up grimes etc by using our commercial grade equipment.

Then after that, we need to let it dry out for 24 hours so there is no moisture at all in the porous concrete. If we don't leave it, then moisture can be trapped inside the driveway which can cause bonding issues later down the track.

When it comes to sealing your driveway, we discuss with you prior to anything taking place, what sort of finish you may be looking for.

Basically there are 3 types of finishes, Gloss, Matt and then Invisible.

We will discuss the benefits of each type of finish with you based on what your main objective for cleaning and sealing your driveway.

So if increasing the street appeal is the main objective , then a nice gloss finish will work wonders with a simply amazing result when done correctly.

The gloss finish is the most popular for driveways after they have been cleaned and sealed here in Brisbane.

So for a small investment, it can provide a considerablly larger amount in return on the value of your home.

It will not only increase your homes street appeal dramatically, it will offer years of added protection by resisting the attack from dirt, mold, oils and various other stains.

Give your property the best chance of getting the highest price or valuation possible.

Driveway cleaning and sealing for Brisbane homes start from $500 including 2 coats of high quality solvent based sealer being applied by hand, not sprayed on!

We take great pride in delivering the highest standard of finishes leaving our clients astonished with how their driveways have been totally transformed.

Jet Works specializes in high pressure cleaning and then sealing of your driveway to enhance ance protect your investment for years to come.

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