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Why Seal Your Concrete Driveway After Cleaning

This is a question I get asked on a fairly regular basis.

There are a few key reasons as to why you should seal your drivway.

Concrete is porous, which means it's like a sponge and soaks up anything spilt on it. A sealer will stop this problem by forming a protective barrier on top of the surface for gloss and matt sealers. For penetrating sealers, they protect from within as the don't change the look of the surface, so not as popular for driveways. Penetrating sealers are better for sandstone and paved areas.

1. It keeps the driveway looking new for years to come. Traditionally once the driveway has been professionally cleaned, it will only stay like that for a year or so before it starts to get dirty again slowly. Where as if it has been sealed after the driveway has been high pressure cleaned, then it will keep the drive looking like new for years. Once it starts to show signs of being dirty, it is much easier to remove the dirt etc because it hasn't sunk down into the porous concrete because the sealer acts like a protective barrier that keeps the mould and dirt from entering the concrete.

2. Protects the driveway from the attacks that nature throws at it over time. By this I mean the UV light that will fade coloured concrete, the dirts that soaks down into the concrete along with the stains from tree, oil, grease etc all soaking down into the porous concrete making it very difficult to remove in some cases depending on how long the styain has been there. One of the biggest problems to remove is the staining from trees, lichen and some mosses and mould. So by preventing these from gaining access to the porous concrete structure, we limit the possibility of permanent staining.

3. Increases street appeal for your home. It really just simply lifts the whole appearance of your property from the street, especially with a beautiful gloss finish. It make the stones on an exposed aggregate driveway just shine and sparkle giving it a fantastic wet look. As the driveway is such a large part of your home visually from the street, it will make a massive difference to your street appeal by making it look fantastic. So we do a lot of work with clients who are selling or getting valuations done. Anything that makes a property more appealing than the next, is going to increase in demand, which will drive the price for that property higher.

It's like selling your car. Imagine having the outside paint all clean, but not that shiny. Everyone generally polishes there car so it looks amazing when the potential buyer comes to look at it. If you don't, it just looses a little bit of demand if they are comparing it to another car that is imacualely presented. This will also reflect in how much they are willing to spend on it. If they fall in love with the sparlky shiny car, then they will pay more for it then someones that isn't kept at such a high standard. So the same goes for your house.

So for any quotes or questions you may have for me regarding driveway sealing in Brisbane, please contact me directly so I can help you with any questions.

We driveway seal all over Brisbane for both residential and commercial clients.

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