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Roof Cleaning in Brisbane

Roof cleaning in Brisbane

Your roof is often the overlooked part of the house….I guess a bit of out of mind out of sight.

Here in Brisbane, roof cleaning should be a vital part of our home maintenance so we don’t get left with massive bills, because often by the time you get around to looking at it after many years, the damage has already been done.

If you have overhanging trees, or live on the southern side of a hill, then you really need to at least get up on a ladder every few years and look at what’s going on up on your roof here in Brisbane due to the amount of storms and humidity we have.

If left untouched for years, your roof can suffer from the following potential issues:

  • Rust – This will often start due to moss and lichen being built up over years and every time it rains or you have a heavy dew, they trap and retain the moisture against the roof. Over years this will start the rust process, and once it starts, you have the perfect environment to trap the moisture against the roof so the rust can thrive. This can get very expensive if resheeting your roof is required. Roof cleaning your Brisbane home is so much cheaper than you think, and so much cheaper than replacing your tin roof.

  • Staining – Lichen on tin and colourbond roofs can leave a permanent stain if they have been left on your roof for years. By simply cleaning your roof here in Brisbane when you notice mould and lichen starting to build up, you can prevent it from doing any damage.

  • Mould taking hold – With all the joins and gaps everywhere on a tile roof, when the conditions are great for mould growth, like we have here with our high humidity here in Brisbane, the mould can start getting down inside the cracks and gaps everywhere. This can be extremely difficult to get rid of if left to get to this state. Once this occurs we will need to apply an anti mould biodegradable solution after we have done the roof cleaning.

  • Unsightly mess – When the mould and lichen take hold, look out. It will be a disgusting biological mess thriving on your roof for everybody to see. Especially if you’re planning to sell your home or get a valuation done on your home here in Brisbane!

We Don’t use any harsh chemicals like bleach or chlorine…….so no damage to plants, animal or humans.........just stunning results!

How we clean your house roof here in Brisbane

  1. We set up a full rope safety system on the roof which allows us to operate safely whilst cleaning your roof on the potentially deadly slippery roof. By using this setup we can avoid the costly scaffolding that other companies may choose to use and this will save a considerable amount of money for you. We are height approved operators with current licences.

  2. We use high pressure (hot or cold) to clean your roof to remove the built up moss, mould and lichen from tin and tiled roofs. Both Colourbond tin and Monier tiles recommend the use of high pressure to clean their roof materials!

  3. After cleaning your roof here in Brisbane, we generally recommend to seal the roof with an anti mould treatment that is applied directly to the surface once dry. This comes with a 2 year warranty on any mould or lichen coming back during this time. It is a clear coating that actively kills mould spores and is 100% biodegradable.

Why are we different?

  1. We don’t use anything that will cause damage to your home, plants, pets or humans whilst cleaning your roof! Any products we may need to use are 100% biodegrable

  2. We possess the necessary height access licences to be able to safely work on your roof without the need for expensive scaffold companies to come in and set up.

  3. We leave your home in better condition than when we found it. We don’t leave a mess that you need to clean up afterwards. We realize this is your home, and treat it with the same attention and respect as if we were working on our own home.

  4. We have full insurance which covers us when roof cleaning in Brisbane.

  5. We are not your average tradies, as we combine our expertise and customer service to ensure your needs and expectations are met, leaving us always with happy clients!

If you need roof cleaning in Brisbane, simply call or email us and we can come and give you a free quote and answer any questions you may have.

We clean roofs on both residential and commercial buildings.

Our rates are very competitive and our work is extremely professional with fantastic attention to detail.

Jet Works, for all your roof cleaning and high pressure cleaning in Brisbane.

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