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Dangers of using incorrect or under powered Pressure Cleaning Units

The biggest dangers of using a home electric "Gerni" style high pressure cleaning unit is that it leaves a horrible "Zebra Striping" effect on the concrete surface you're cleaning.

This is where you use an underpowered unit and it cleans well in the middle of the spray, but towards the edge of the spray, it has less force and doesn't remove all the dirt as well. When the concrete dries you see this faint black striping. This can look extremely unsightly on a freshly cleaned driveway.

The other way this can occur is the operator is using an incorrect nozzle or cleaning stroke, both by an inexperienced operator.

The only way to stop this with a house hold electric pressure cleaner is to go twice as slow by having a bigger overlap of spray strokes. This could literally mean taking upto 6 hours to do a standard size driveway! I can think of better ways to spend a day.

We completely eliminate this happening due to the fact the we are experienced operator and we use large powerful purpose built commercial grade equipment.

Free up your weekend and let us do it for you and get a professional finish.

Jet Works Brisbane - The Pressure Cleaning Experts

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