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How to Sterilise Around Your Home or Residential Complex for Coronavirus / Covid-19.

As the world is now well aware, we are currently in the grips of a life altering pandemic: Covid-19.

As outdoor high pressure cleaners here in Brisbane, we specialize in cleaning concrete areas in and around residential complexes as well as car parks and individual homes. We clean driveways and pathways, pool and BBQ areas, stepping stones and garden edges.

If you suspect a visitor or resident may have come into contact with Covid-19, or if you are worried about how sterile the concrete areas around your home may be, then we can help.

We use HOT WATER to pressure clean concrete as well as brick and tiled areas. We use 90 degree water that is boiled on the truck as we clean (hot water is in its own right extremely effective for sterilization). After we have completed the hot water high pressure clean we can spray down a bleach mix that will dry on the surface and kill any trace of Covid-19 that may be present. Our treatment of potentially contaminated areas follows the guidelines outlined in the Australian Government Department of Health link below.

The above document recommends the application of bleach which we leave to sit on the surface of the concrete after the clean in order to give it time to work before it is rinsed off, leaving the surface sterile.

We generally do the hot water high pressure clean before the bleach treatment in order to firstly remove all surface contaminants, ensuring that the bleach mix works without other surface contaminants hindering it's ability to work. If you have a clean surface to start with then we can potentially avoid the high pressure cleaning aspect however we do recommend a hot water high pressure clean first as it is the most thorough clean.

The spraying of bleach, if not done correctly, will cause plant leaves and grass to burn. We have successfully used bleach to treat certain problem stains for many years so we know how to apply it without damaging the plants around your home.

At Jet Works we abide by social distancing requirements and do not require any contact with you when we come to do the clean. No one needs to come out to meet us, we just need access to a tap and the areas to be cleaned. We email invoices out after the job has been completed which further assists in social distancing.

We high pressure clean and sterilize areas against Covid-19 all over Brisbane so feel free to email us or call to get a free quote.

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