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Removing the dangers of litigation when someone is on your property by driveway cleaning.

These days it seems that everyone is wanting to hold someone else responsible for accidents. Common sense seems to have gone out the window.

Let me give you an example:

Someone is coming over to talk to you about buying some tickets in the local charity fundraiser. They come over just after a shower of rain has stopped and as they're walking on your driveway, they slip and fall down and break their arm.

There are two possible outcomes now!

1. You feel really bad and offer to pay any medical costs.

2. You end up getting a letter a week later from a lawyer claiming damages and with a potential court date.

Both outcomes are not very pleasant.

What we can do is completely eliminate the slippery surface by using professional grade euipment to ensure the driveway cleaning returns it to an as new condition.

Call us for a free quote or demo of driveway cleaning in Brisbane.

Jet Works - The Pressure Cleaning Experts

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