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Concrete Cleaning Services Brisbane

Here at Jet Works we specialise in hot and cold water high pressure cleaning of concrete surfaces all over Brisbane.

The benefits of concrete cleaning are easy to see!

  • We make the concrete look almost new again.

  • We remove black mould from concreting

  • We quickly remove slipping hazards that can build up on concrete.

  • We can remove most problem stains on concrete like rust and oil along with tree stains from leaves and sap.

The biggest benefit of concrete clearing is that you get back your clean driveway etc which brightens up the entire look of the area. Something to be proud of again.

Why does your concrete go black and how fast will it come bacfk?

Concrete goes black in brick mainly due to our humid climate. The ….. moisture contact in the air along with lots of rain and warmth are perfect mould growing conditions on concrete. Add the dust, dirt and pollution over years and you will soon have mould taking over that once nice clean concrete.

Jet Works tries to be as environmentally friendly as possible. By not using harsh chemicals, acids and high PH detergents regularly, we remove these from potentially entering our river systems.

The way we can get around the use of a lot of chemicals when we clean concrete is simple. We rely on extremely hot water to do the job instead of the chemicals others rely on.

We run our water at around 90-100 degrees Celsius which when combines with the high pressure, makes the concrete cleaning a much easier process by giving a much deeper clean. A bit like washing dishes in cold water versus hot water. The heat just gives a better clean.

When it comes to concrete cleaning services in Brisbane, we cover all suburbs. We provide concrete cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties to the highest standards.

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Why are we so different?

  • Family owned business with extremely high standards of work

  • We use the latest state of the art professional grade hot and cold water cleaners worth tens of thousands.

  • We have a variety of specialised attachments to allow us to clean every problem area that we may come across.

  • We provide concrete cleaning to a wide range of industries all over Brisbane.

Look through our gallery of work to see what amazing results we can achieve with our concrete cleaning services here in Brisbane.

Contact us now to see how we can help clean the concrete around your property.

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