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Pressure Cleaning Service Brisbane

Is dirt and mould taking hold at your place? We can help!

Pressure cleaning your home is like washing your car. You need to do it regularly to keep it in good condition. If you neglect it, just like a car it will start to show signs of aging as the mould, lichen, fungus, oils and other contaminants start to degrade the surface and possibly the sub structure.

By regularly I mean every couple of years unless you live in a very shaded area.

When pressure cleaning here in Brisbane, we also use Biodegradable solutions where needed, that kill the mould, fungus and lichen at the spore level. This greatly reduces the rate at which the growth will come back. Pressure cleaning will remove all the visible growth, but it won't actually kill the spores at a microscopic level. This is where specialist biodegradable solutions come into play. They are specifically formulated to attack the spores and kill them without damaging living plants and grass. They also are completely safe on metals, painted surfaces and generally most areas. The

The most important thing is that the biodegradable solutions we use are classified as NON Hazzardous, which is important if you have pets or children.

So we can offer you a variety of pressure cleaning services here in Brisbane.

1. The basic high pressure clean using commercial grade equipment to make light work of the most stubborn stains.

2. We pre treat the area before we pressure clean to kill the growth and loosen the build up to ensure an even deeper clean. We use completely safe NON hazzardous solutions for this.

3. We can leave a specially formulated solution after the clean which actively protects against any regrowth for a minimum of 28 days. What this does, is that is breaks the growth cycle of the mould and other fungus and dramatically extends the time before you see any mould starting to come back. If there are no spores to grow back, then it can take years to see any regrowth in most common cases.

4. We also seal driveways after they have been cleaned. We apply a sealer by roller to the cleaned surface after it has had a minimum of 24 hours to dry. We usually do 2 coats to ensure a long lasting quality finish.

5. We are also height certified to work on your roof to bring back the tiles or colourbond back to it's former glory.

We do a lot of work in the following suburbs.......Ferny Grove, Ferny Hills, Mitchelton, Keperra, Wilston, Windsor, Ashgrove, Paddington, Clayfield, Ascot, Hamilton, Woolowin, Indooroopilly, Graceville, St Lucia, Capalaba, Lota, Wynnum, Redland Bay.

Don't worry if your suburb is not on there, just call or email me and I can arrange a free no obligation quote.

I look forward to be able to give you a quote on bringing your property back to life.

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